But how big is a box?

The ITALYINBOX souvenir box is made entirely by hand in Italy specifically for our brand, we have two sizes available:

• 25*25*10

• 28*38*12

The number of products included in them varies according to the type of Box.

When will I get it?

I know you’re impatient!! The Italyinbox will be shipped from 3 to 5 working days, given by the quality and craftsmanship of its products that are not created on large numbers, but in small quantities to give the right accuracy since they are handmade products!

We ship to Italy and Europe. Shipping costs vary according to the type of box, if you have any special needs do not hesitate to contact us info@italyinbox. shop

You will still have the tracking number available to check the status of your shipment, just enter the mailbox you usually use.

Shipping costs vary according to the italyinbox chosen.

Is Italyinbox a gift?

Well we are born for this, so do not have any fear, you will not find prices inside it, indeed because we thought it as a gift has been created a card attached to each box that explains to those who received it its content article by article 😉


Products that do not conform to the order may be returned within 14 days of its receipt. Damaged or used products, even partially, are not replaced or refunded.

This choice was made to safeguard you and the other customers, given this difficult time we think it is right to put everyone’s health first.

Is it possible to give corporate gifts or gifts dedicated to an event, such as a wedding? Are you an event planner or a Wedding Planner?

Certainly!! See the Corporate and Wedding Services page.

Didn’t find the right gift?

Let’s talk, describe the person, their tastes, their passions and find what it takes to make it perfect!

Write me or contact me in chat

For all information contact me @

info@italyinbox. shop , via chat or via social.